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Ilitha Family Learning Center
Contact details:
Tel: +27 (0) 21 361 5246
Fax: +27 (0) 21 363 5837
Cell: +27 (0)82 715 1168

Bank details:
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Cape Gate
Branch Code: 023 910
Account No: 072 884 983
"Intshukumo yenza umahluko"
"When there is Action, there is Difference"

The Ilitha Project was founded in 2001, situated in a squatter camp. It was against this background that Sophumelela from St. Michaels church saw the need for a project based on Christian principles.

It is to provide a good education in that area and give better education for early childhood development to promote the participation and integration of parent in Monwabisi Park with the education of their children.

It is to help children who cannot afford the school fees and those children who still walk around the street, and their parents are unemployed. To collect them out of the street and we run the project inside the yards or in somebody's house who is involved.

To provide good quality education for early childhood development; to promote the participation and intergration of parents in Monwabisi Park in the education of their children

The Ilitha Family Learning Project's program consists of three groups of children, ranging in age from birth to six years.

The groups come at different times during the day and the daily program is as follows:
Devotion Music ring Outdoor games Handicrafts or Art work
Free Choice Depature
Ilitha focuses on working with the children and their families and includes special attention to hygiene and safety. If these and violence abuse became apparent, the children are referred to social workers or the Simameleni Child Abuse Protection Centre. We also sponsoring occasional workshop for the community on topics such as abuse.
We try to organize two outings per year for the children to visit different places around Cape Town. We also organize Christmas presents and graduation to those who are going to school the following year and they are 6 years of age.
FUTURE PLANS - Start the craft Sewing
Funds for training the parents
Funds for the Grade R children to go to Sophumelela Insulation
Outdoor games
Funds for training teachers and more volunteers
Funds to build a big structure
Funds to buy Inside Equipment e.g Installation cabinets, chairs and tables
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